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Availability of truck with driver
Transportations benelux and neighboring countries

Implementation of specific lines in the Benelux and neighboring countries


Delivery on site of semi-trailers


Traction of semi-trailers

Real-time tracking

Daily vehicle tracking in real-time

Targeted temperature/GDP

Drivers trained for controlled temperature/GDP transportation

Equipment and license ADR/Package

Drivers in possession of equipment and ADR/package license

Respect for deadlines

Strict adherence to delivery times

All kind of goods

For the transportation of all types of goods

Providing a driver with a truck, van or trailer on your site

Whether it is for short, medium or long term, KBS offers experienced deliverers with recent and well-maintained equipment.

Ideal for fixed or sporadic rounds, for fixed lines or regular pickups.

Do you regularly need movable trailers (1 or 2) on your site ? That is also possible.

We adapt to your wishes.